Saturday, February 1, 2014

Her home uniform

I recently requested her to make another one of my favorite kind of session: Mirror pictures. This time, instructions were simple and easy to follow: She just needed to wear her "home uniform" (that is, the "robe-only" outfit she has to wear at home at all times -- me being there or not). The result was so extensive and well-shot that I had trouble picking the pics I wanted to share with you all (which is why I'll probably make a second post about it eventually). 

As a final note, bear in mind that this portraits what greets me at the door everyday when I come home after work. I guess what I'm trying to say is: If there is something better than owning a puppy, I guess that's pretty much it.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Her first vibrator

So... I've been awfully busy, and she's been left with an awful amount of free time on her hands (and by "hands" I don't really mean only her "hands"). So I made sure that she got herself a vibrator -- her first, actually! -- to keep her company during my working hours.
However, even that was not a simple task. Since The Princess knew I have provided every girlfriend I've ever had with vibrators of my choice, She stubborned-up an refused any sort of vibrating gift of my part -- "
I don't wanna be like the others", Her Highness said. But even Her Holy Stubbornness knows that that Collar around Her neck means SOMETHING, so it was a matter of time until She complied. And She did, as She always does: By finding a loophole that made Her feel "in charge" (but not really).

The way I see it, this was precisely the sort-of agreement that silently takes place between 
the slut and The Princess: One wants to do exactly as she's told, and the other One wants to do exactly everything different. The "obvious" solution was to get a vibrator, yes, but one that would not be a gift; both of them would pick it together, and both would pay for it -- I would just join them on the trip to the Sex Shop. And that's how they chose and acquired the Crystal Dick.

"Size and shape and width are just like your dick, Owner", they said, in unison. 
"That's the one". I took my card out of my pocket, knowing that it would never make it to the cashier -- which it didn't: The anachronistic pair was way ahead me, paying for the treat.

And that's how she got her first battery-powered sex companion. A couple of weeks later -- after she had already learned how to work it -- I requested a photo shoot featuring the new member (no pun intended). The following pictures were hand picked by me as my favorites -- I hope you'll all enjoy them as I do.


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Friday, October 4, 2013

Workplace toilet

This blog has been asleep long enough -- but we are still here. It's just that things have been... intense since 2013 started. Lots of things going on, several life changes for the two (three?) of us and not that much time left for posting here. Hopefully, from now on, things will start settling down, and we'll be able to post more often :). 

Or not. Either way, I intend to do so -- at least every once in a while, until time becomes less scarce. Worst case scenario, I'll just have to make shorter posts for the time being. 

The following selection of pictures was ordered a few months ago, when The Princess got a new job. Since a have a thing for public toilets, and knowing that such a well-behaved professional activity would probably be rather boring for The Slut, I requested a set to be taken in the common facilities of her new workplace. To which she gladly complied, regardless of the chances of any of her colleagues (or bosses) catching her on the spot. Here are some of my favorites:

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun at the beach

So the summer is, unfortunately, over around here. The leaves are now falling and soon the snow will come -- a constant reminder that taking her out wearing nothing more than short dresses and no underwear will have to wait till the weather becomes favorable again. For that reason, I'm not that fond of the winter. 
This year, however, we managed to take some days off and properly enjoy our summer while it lasted. We were lucky enough to spend some great days in the seaside -- and I do mean great days: Not a single drop of rain showed up to spoil our fun. And since I'm a proud Owner of a gorgeous-looking trophy girl, I couldn't allow myself to miss the opportunity to show her off in the beach.

Even though going topless is a pretty common habit around here, The Princess had never allowed unworthy eyes to be turned to her bare naked royal body till now. "I prefer to pick who gets to see my naked breasts", she would say. "I don't want every average Joe to get a peek at what can only be accomplished by few", she would contest. 

But that was before she was an owned, collared whore. Things have changed for Her Majesty.

Since we started out, the slut has become somewhat more powerful than the weak, hidden, suppressed side character she had always been in the The Princess' life. Now, the slut has a voice, a voice that responds not to The almighty Princess anymore, but to me and me alone. And the answer is always "yes, my Owner".

On that beautiful day it was no different, of course. We were enjoying a nice day at the beach, together with her whole family, and I decided that it was time for The Princess to overcome yet another of her moral "no-no"'s. And so we went for a walk just the two of us.
As a side note, she is a casual smoker, and as such, she prefers to keep this little nasty habit from her family. Since I'm an open smoker, I was the one holding and providing cigarettes to both of us. "I think you need to go for a smoke", I said, and she got my intentions immediately. "Yes, my Owner". Sure enough my intention was to take her away from her family -- parents, brothers, cousins, uncles -- in order to give her an opportunity to put one of her little nasty habits to work. But obviously, it was not the smoking one. 

We walked for a few meters and, when I considered us to be far enough to be completely out of their sight, I ordered her to take her top off -- which she promptly obeyed. From that moment on, the slut took over.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roof session

I've been having too much work to do recently (which is why the blog has not been updated for a while) and this has been the source of a great deal of stress for me. The Princess, being a good girl as always, has been taking for herself the responsibility to keep me sane and, in order to succeed, has been using her best tools for the task.

The weapons of choice a few days ago were her camera, my favorite dress (without underwear) and some level of adrenaline: She decided to make a sensual self-photo-shoot on the roof of my building. Being the shy, classy girl that she is, the risk of being caught by some other inhabitant or employee posed quite a challenge -- specially because her Owner was not there to protect her if anything went wrong. Still, she came back half an hour later with seventeen highly-sensual pictures that certainly made my day better.

I selected my three favorite ones to share with you all.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Her sensitive spot

One of these nights I received the visit of the slut in a completely unprepared fashion: I forgot I had no condoms. To make things worse, anal was out of the equation -- she was still recovering from the hard-mode training I submitted her to on the day before, and I wasn't feeling much of a sadist then. Her solution was simple -- "cum in my mouth, Owner". But I decided to try something else instead.

Knowing that one of her most sensitive spots is her back (she always twitches and makes little sexy noises when I approach her from behind and start whispering to her ear or biting the back of her neck; she cannot handle receiving massages very well either, for she gets too overstimulated too fast), I decided to give her a treat. "Lie down, ass up", I said. She promptly obeyed, being the good girl that the slut always is (as opposed to The Princess, which requires some careful royal convincing).

I proceeded to fucking her in that position. The privileged view allowed me to fool around with her back while doing so -- touching it softly, breathing on it, licking, biting. Each of my interactions was well received with a baffled moan coming out of her mouth pressed against the pillow. When I noticed she could not take it anymore, I finished her.

Before allowing her to get cleaned, I took these shots for you all.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Self photo session

<HTML Rant> 
I've been trying to write this post for nearly two weeks now -- and only today I managed to get the HTML code for the picture gallery working. So there you go -- that's the reason why we haven't been posting anything: Stupid HTML syntax and this author's complete lack of deeper computer knowledge.
</HTML Rant>

That being said, some time ago I required The Princess to prepare me a twenty-pictures self photo shoot as a part of her submissive training. I'll not spend too many lines explaining the exact context of the task/punishment, because I already did on my Fetlife journal (I recommend to everyone interested in her training to create a Fetlife account and check it often -- I keep track of a lot of interesting details about it there). It suffices to say that her task was executed with the excellence and precision worthy of a princess; so much in fact that I decided to share the whole session with you all.

Hopefully these twenty pictures of Your Highness will make it up for our prolonged silence. So go on, click away. And if you notice The Slut making a cameo on the last few pictures, try not to mention it -- The Princess would probably hate learning that she unintentionally shared the spotlight with her evil counterpart.

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